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Nellai "Mannan" Ondiveeran Memorial Day was celebrated on 20th August 2011 at Sankaran Kovil, Nellai.

Pre Event Section:

Notice, Notice 2

Offical ATP Memo

Press Copy

Wall Ads

Flex and Lithos gallery

Events Section: (Photo Galleries)

Garlanding Dr. Ambedkar and Periyar Statue - Madurai

Respect at Ondiveeran Memorial Place - Nerkatum Sevayal

ATP Flag Hoisting

Public Meeting - Sankaran Kovil

Car and Vehicle convoy to Sankaran Kovil, Nellai

Tamil Nadu Arunthaiyar Sangam (TAS) joins ATP: - Gallery
“Tamil Nadu Arunthathiyar Sangam” (TAS) which was formed in 1958, is one of the oldest Arunthathiyar organizations working for the rights of Arunthathiyars.  Now TAS has been dissolved and has merged with Aathi Thamizhar Peravai. In the occasion of ATP's Ondiveeran memorial day public meeting on 20th August 2011 at Sankaran Kovil, Nellai, TAS formally joined ATP.

News and Updates:

Ondiveeran Memorial Day - News paper cuttings

Article on Ondiveeran - Kungumam Tamil Magazine

—Objection on calling Ondiveeran as "Mannan" - Petition to Nellai Collector - News paper cuttings

ATP submits petition for protection of Ondiveeran memorial - News paper cuttings

Press Release by ATP for protection of Ondiveeran memorial and other demands

Article on Mannan Ondiveeran - "Thamizhaga Arasiyal Magazine"

Poolithevan trust President Mr. Natarajan's speech - Paper News

Summary of Events:

There are around 400 families that belong to Thevar community and about 40 families of Arunthathiyar community living in Nerkattum Sevayyal village of Sanakran Kovil. When ATP organized Ondiveeran Memorial Day Celebrations at Sankaran Kovil, the Thevar community protested for calling Onidveeran as "Mannan" (King) and in the process damanged the ATP memorial slab erected for Ondiveeran. Further more they socially boycotted the 40 Arunthathiyar families in the village.

After the memorial day, the Thevar community formally submitted an objection with the Nellai Collector for calling Ondiveeran as "Mannan". Following these incidents and social boycot of the dominant community, ATP submitted a petition for the protection of the Ondiveeran memorial and objected the social boycott by the dominant community.