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Since its formation, ATP is working for the development of arunthathiyar community. Today, ATP has grown into an organization that strives to bring forth the struggles of arunthathiyar community. ATP is working in the midst of the people with branches spread across in various villages and town of Tamil Nadu. Its significant achievements to date are:

Inner Reservation for Arunthathiyars:
Efforts for abolition of manual scavenging:
Fight against atrocities:
Voice against untouchability:
Efforts to abolish arrack and toddy:
Other achievements:



Other Achievements:

ATP is taking a comprehensive approach to alter the status quo of the Arunthathiyar community in Tamil Nadu.  The following are a few to mention in its efforts:

Tamil Nadu Arunthaiyar Sangam (TAS) joins ATP : - Gallery
“Tamil Nadu Arunthathiyar Sangam” (TAS) which was formed in 1958, is one of the oldest Arunthathiyar organizations working for the rights of Arunthathiyars.  Now TAS has been dissolved and has merged with Aathi Thamizhar Peravai. In the occasion of ATP's Ondiveeran memorial day public meeting on 20th August 2011 at Sankaran Kovil, Nellai, TAS formally joined ATP

Ondiveeran History Revival Meet - 22nd August 2010:
One who is ignorant of one’s own history cannot make history”, said Dr. Ambedkar. In line with this philosophy, Aathithamizhar Peravai has been embarked on bringing the history of Arunthathiyars to its community and to the world. One such effort of ATP is the “brave heart” (Maaveeran) Ondiveeran Pagadai history revival meet.

These were the people who and their ancestors were humiliated and belittled with slurs as Sakili, Payaran and Pallan. These were the people who were used by the upper caste Hindus as messengers to deaths, drummers and gravediggers. But when the British came to India to take every one as their slaves, Ondiveeran was one of these same people who were treated as slaves by the upper caste Hindus stood for them against the guns of the British in 1755. Ironically, Ondiveeran’s history is being buried and suppressed.

Arunthathiyars have lost education, land, wealth and this has led to the fact that even today they are an oppressed community. “Ondiveeran History Revival Meet” held on 22 August 2010 by ATP is a sign that Arunthathiyars are ready to regain their lost history and glory!

Cobblers Rehabilitation Conference - 14th April 2010:
Irrespective of cities or villages, Arunthathiyars in Tamil Nadu are forced to work as cobblers on streets, roads and bus stands. For long they have been suppressed and with minimum or no wages their livelihood becomes a question mark. The social burdens add to their woes. Subsequent Governments have ignored the state of the cobblers and have not cared to address their rehabilitation measures. Aathithamizhar Peravai has taken up the cause of cobblers and has organized a one day “Cobblers Rehabilitation Conference” on 14th April 2010 in Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Click here to view the webpage and updates on the conference

ATP Books

ATP Books:
ATP has successfully published 12 books to date on various topics of Arunthathiyar life and its issues. ATP has been a pioneer in Arunthathiyar historical research. It has brought the history of Arunthathiyar brave hearts like “Ondiveeran” and “Madurai Veeran” to the society through its books.



ATP monthly magazine - AATHITHAMIZHAN :
ATP brings out a monthly magazine called “AATHITHAMIZHAN”, to enrich the community with its articles, news, updates and events.

Caste Denial Marriages:
ATP stands in solidarity with caste denial marriages. ATP has facilitated many caste denial marriages (for privacy reasons, photos or details are not included).

ATP Women’s Conference:

2003 WOMEN'S
ATP Women's Conference 2003

ATP strongly believes in the empowerment of women. It encourages women to come forward in their involvement within ATP and beyond. ATP has organized two women’s conferences in the year 2003 and 2009 respectively.

2003 Conference:
The conference was held on 8th March 2003 in Coimbatore to coincide with World Women’s day. The conference was one of the first of its kind, to be organized by women to the women fold of ATP. The motto of the conference was “Liberation of Arunthathiyar women is liberation to all”. The occasion was graced by various dignitaries from various walks of life, such as Ms. Sivagami (Author), Prof. Periyar daasan, Mr. P.R. Saraswathy (Author), Guruswamy, Ms. Ooviya (Author), Mr. Nathaan and others.

Women's conference 2009
2009 WOMEN'S
Women's conference 2009 gallery

2009 Conference:
The conference was held on 8th March 2009 in Salem yet again to coincide with World Women’s day. The one day conference had a composite itinerary with art exhibition, cultural, discussions and symposium in varied topics. Dignitaries Prof. Saraswathy (Women’s front), Ms. Ooviya (Author), Ms. Lavanya (Secretary, Transgender Welfare Association), Ms. Balasundari (PMK) graced the occasion. ATP book “IZHIVAI OZHIKKA INNUMORU POAR (ANOTHER WAR TO ERADICATE ABASEMENT) was released during the conference.

Athiyaan kudil

Education Centre:
The emphasis on education is a primary focus of ATP. In its efforts Mr. Athiyamaan has set up an education centre “Adhiyan Kudil” at Semmedu in Coimbatore district. At the education centre free tuition and vocational teaching like tailoring is provided to the children and adults in the neighbourhood.


Sivagiri Library

ATP has opened libraries in Sivagiri, Erode District “Ambedkar-Periyar padipagam” for public.







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Inner Reservation for Arunthathiyars:
Efforts for abolition of manual scavenging:
Fight against atrocities:
Voice against untouchability:
Efforts to abolish arrack and toddy: